EST 2000



1.        The officers of the club shall be as defined in the constitution.

2.        The membership of the club shall be Committee, Honorary, Ordinary, Family, Probationer and Senior as defined in Appendix A.

3.        For new members there will be a period of 6 months probation (this can be reduced to Home Office minimum of 3 months at the discretion of the committee) during which time the applicant is expected to attend as many range fixtures as possible. (The committee at its discretion may extend the probation period in multiples of two months.) After this period the committee shall consider such application for full membership. The committee reserves the right to refuse any application and such applicant shall have no claim on the club whatsoever.

4.        New members of the club must notify the Secretary prior to any application being made to the police authority for the grant of a firearms certificate. This will enable the secretary and the committee to discuss the application and to prepare a report, as the police will inquire on the applicant’s suitability and attendance record. Failure to inform the secretary of FAC application may delay or result in the failure of such application.

5.        Any person who is a current member of any other home office approved club or HM forces shall not be required to serve a probationary period subject to committee approval and a satisfactory report from the secretary of any gun club of which the applicant may have been a member.

6.        The membership of the club shall apply for membership each year. The committee reserve the right to refuse any application and such applicant shall have no claim whatsoever against the club. All subscriptions shall be due on 1st April each year. Any member whose subscription remains unpaid after one month from this date (i.e. 1st May) shall be considered as having terminated their membership and no part fees or payments shall be returned to the member concerned. A member so disposed and wishing to rejoin shall have their application for renewal reviewed by the committee and, if at their discretion such application is rejected, the former member shall have no claim whatsoever against the club or committee. Termination of membership shall be notified to the police.

7.        The committee may remove from the roll of members any member whose conduct on the range or on any premises occupied by the club or elsewhere is objectionable or likely to bring the club into disrepute. Any report about a member’s misbehaviour shall be lodged with the secretary and considered at a specially convened committee meeting. Any member under such investigation will not be allowed to attend any club functions or fixtures. Such member shall have no claim upon the club or committee whatsoever. Such member may appeal to the secretary concerning the committee’s decision within 14 days from notification of said decision whereby the aggrieved person should attend a meeting of the committee to give good reason why their expulsion should not be upheld. If they decline to appear before the committee in person, a reply in writing from them to the secretary must be made within 14 days of the committee’s decision. If this is not done then the committee’s decision will be final.

8.        The committee may institute by laws from time to time, which can be implemented, during the current shooting year and such by laws may be confirmed or removed at the next AGM by a majority of members present.

9.        The committee shall be empowered to legislate on any point not provided for in the rules and such ruling will come into force 14 days after the enactment of any such rules.

10.     A member may invite no more than one probationary member to club shooting activities and shall be entirely responsible for the conduct of that person. The member must notify the range-conducting officer (RCO) of the presence of the probationary member. A committee member or range-conducting officer for range safety must clear any new member before shooting.

11.     A member may invite no more than one guest to designated guest days only; the member must notify the RCO of the presence of the guest who shall be personally known to them and be of good character. Guests will be required to sign a declaration that they are not prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition by virtue of section 21 of the firearms act 1968 and any further amendments.

12.     Range safety rules shall be at the discretion of the officials of the club or other officials in charge but shall encompass rules of any range being used. Probationary members between the ages of 12 and 14 years shall shoot only under the control of a parent or guardian. ANY DECISION ISSUED BY THE RCO SHALL BE FINAL.

13.     In the event of any accident or damage, the club and/or any individual member shall not be held responsible except insofar as the club insurance policy shall hold cover.

14.     All FAC holding club members shall be required to regularly attend club shooting events to maintain their club membership.  Under exceptional circumstances members may apply to the committee for an exemption to this requirement.  The committee’s decision shall be final and the member shall have no claim on the club whatsoever.  The police liaison officer is required to inform the police of any FAC holder who has not shot with the club for a period of twelve months. 

15.     All members attending club shoots shall complete their individual or club range log as appropriate, detailing all firearms used and practices/ competitions shot. 

16.     The committee may appoint a shooting captain either from the committee or the membership.

17.     The treasurer shall be authorised to expend up to £100 for the club purchases.  Greater amounts shall be approved at an appropriate committee meeting or by a representative quorum.  A second committee signatory shall be required to authorise and endorse payment of TFSA cheques.

18.     A quorum shall consist of any three members of the committee, the person chairing the meeting shall, if necessary, have the casting vote.  Any committee member with voting status shall be empowered to call a meeting of the committee giving as much notice as practicable.   


Appendix A: Definitions


Types of Membership

Committee- any full member elected to the committee in the prescribed manner.

Honorary- Accorded to any committee member who has served for a cumulative 10-year period on the club committee, and any ordinary member who shall qualify for such a distinction by the unanimous vote of the committee.  Honorary membership shall be free of TFSA membership fees.

Ordinary- Individual membership. 

Family – To include a fully subscribed members spouse/partner and children thereof up to the age of 16 or until full time education has been completed (when it is expected they will become individual members in their own right)

Probationer- a prospective member serving the probationary period as defined.  Application for probationary membership must be supported by a full member who personally known the applicant, and shall be reported to the police.

Senior- any member in receipt of a state pension will qualify for a 50% reduction of the current TFSA membership fee.


The above club rules are supplementary to The Constitution of the Club.

These rules where agreed and adopted by unanimous vote at the general meeting held on the 12 November 2000.