I run free classes for first time reloaders or

for experienced reloaders wanting to experiment with loads.

       All you pay for is the components you use.

If you buy the presses off myself I will help set them up

& you will go away knowing how to use all the equipment.

Please read the content below before you go out and buy anything!

Reloading do's and don'ts

(don't ever say to me 'my mate said'. Frankly I find it insulting and if your mate is so good why ask me!)

I have been teaching people to reload for over 25 years and this section is a list of the most frequently asked questions when people first want to start reloading. Products have changed over the years and the current list and details I have put down will be the best for the novice to the experienced. If you choose to ignore what I tell you then be it on your own head. I teach safe practice and you will load quality ammunition at a fraction of the cost of shop bought ammunition.

  1.      Always full length resize, neck sizing is only very specialist, you will land up breaking your gun, it's not for the novice, the list is endless... please full length resize

  2.      Buy a good quality beam scale, electronic scales have their place but they will always let you down, the Lee beam scales are not any good for many reasons. The best scales are Lyman or RCBS.

  3.      Lee reloading dies are the best and they are the cheapest, (the loading snobs will decry them but hell what do I know I only have about 40 sets of Lee dies with which I load thousands of rounds a year). For rifle buy the Lee Pacesetter dies with the factory crimp. For pistol dies Lee standard carbide dies or if you want the ultimate then the deluxe set. Do not buy the rifle deluxe or neck sizing only sets.  

  4.      Powder measures, there is only one on the market that is truly any good for all types and levels and it's the Lee perfect powder measure. It will, if looked after and you don't let a shelf collapse on it, last you a lifetime. If you question my judgement on this I will give you a slap.

  5.      Reloading presses, never as a beginner try and go full auto you will damage your gun or yourself, it will be a waste of money and I won't sell you one, go somewhere else and buy it! I do not want the responsibility in fact why are you wasting my time by still standing there. Always start of with a single stage press! If your mate has told you to buy a full auto press introduce me to him so I can give him a slap. If you want to load .50cal, Martini Henry or Snider as well as other calibres there is only one press and that is the Lee classic cast. If you just want to load for everything else then there are three reloading presses that are very good for the beginner and the experienced alike and you will always use no matter what... they are all Lee. 1)The Breachlock single stage. 2) The standard 4 hole turret. 3) The classic 4 hole turret. Out of all of these presses the classic 4 hole turret is the best by far, it is the most expensive of the Lee single stage presses, but not by much, it will outlast you and probably you children's children and is ultimately the best reloading press on the market. Buy any other manufacturers reloading press then you are a damn fool and you need to stop bothering me as I can spend my time with people who matter.                                                                             (Now with some customers at this point of the conversation I need to go out and bash my head against the wall as they don't want to hear what I am telling them...they have "MMSS" my mate said syndrome).

  6.      For rifle case sizing you will need case lube, please don't waste your money on any other product there is only one that is any good and that is yes you have guessed it... Lee's. (question my judgement any further on it and on a bad day you might get another slap!) for pistol calibres you don't need it as Lee dies are carbide.

  7.      Case trimming and yes you need to trim cases for many reasons, please, just take my word on it. Again lee have the best and easiest solution for case trimming and the cheapest. But you could if you want to waste your money and you have the time to fiddle and like your toys, consider the Lyman or if you really want to waste your money the RCBS, or if your a fool with money to burn buy Hornady.

     All of the above are the basic bits of equipment you will need to buy, to reload good quality ammunition safely, I can teach you or you can  read and follow the basic instructions.


         Depending on the calibre, press and scales you buy, at present prices, 200 to 275, for one calibre. Each claibre you add to that is approximately another 50, this does not include reloading components, cases, primers, powder and bullets.


     YES...You need to clean your cases. Why! OK a dirty case is your enemy it wants to break your extractor, score and ruin your chamber and reloading dies, it wants to become unusable scrap as quickly as possible, it wants you spend mor emoney on cases. This is another endless list I am not going to go any further, I hope I have made my point. The cheapest method of cleaning cases is with very fine wire wool or, you can buy a Lyman case tumbler. I get you to clean some cases with wire wool when I teach you. You will buy the case tumbler if not on the day very soon after you start reloading in earnest. It's an odd's on bet. Then there are load trays, hand priming tools, if you are loading flat base rifle bullets not boat tails then you need a case mouth expanding die (Lee universal case mouth expanding die is the best solution) and many other little nic nac's.

     You don't need the above but they are worth putting down on your wish list.

    As listed in the introduction the Lyman reloading manual is very very good consider some of the others but buy the Lyman first you won't need to waste your money after that.

   Reloading powders, primers and cases:

     Powders: Every powder manufacturer now has full reloading data online. Please be very careful on using data from internet forums or chat rooms as there are some very nasty and stupid people out there.

     There is not one powder that will do everything but there are some very good ones, Vit N140 is a very good rifle powder ( it's my favourite). Accurate ( Lovex) is excellent in .45/70 .45/120 and makes a good downloading powder in many rifle calibres.

    Unique (Alliant) is very good in medium pistol loads and for downloading lead rifle loads.

    Bullseye (Alliant) or Accurate No'2 both are good for downloading light pistol loads. For full magnum pistol loads then use Alliant 2400 or Accurate No'9.

     Rule of thumb the heavier the bullet the less powder you put in.

     Primers: Are a personal thing again I have found no difference between all the manufacturers except for .303 where I found CCI work the best, I don't know why they just do. If you have a long barrelled handgun or custom lever action with a lightened trigger then it's got to be Federal.

     cases: Do not make any difference as long as you don't mix manufacturers headstamps as each manufacturer has a slightly different specification.

       Last of all we come to,

     BULLETS: Lapua, Hornady and PRVI Partizan have the best range of rifle full metal jacketed bullets and have the most regular supplies, if they don't do a bullet that works well in your gun then throw the piece of useless junk away stop being cheap and buy a better gun, (or you don't have to take a blind bit of notice of what I recommend to you). For lead bullets then I do a good range of custom and standard products and can recommend good loads for you to start with in most calibres.

     Reloading is another side of shooting, it is easy but as with everything there are compromises, you can speed things up but then quality will drop and safety can be compromised and it comes with a cost factor.

    reloading is great fun and once you become hooked it's a fascinating part of shooting.

    Even after all these years I get a real buzz from getting a good result with ammunition I have produced.

    I will also gaurentee, you can load a more accurate round than shop bought at a much reduced cost.

    I am more than happy to demonstrate reloading either on a one to one basis or a on a group basis at clubs.

    I am only a phone call away, I really don't mind you asking for more information on loads. If you have the time it's better you ask than    you make a costly mistake, even if you don't have any intention of buying anything from me.

Reloading Service

If you wish to try reloading or want to experiment with loads then ring me for details.

Keep throwing that lead!    Andy Allwood     

CALL : 01344 484 215






Below is a list of the primers & powders I regularly stock

Accurate Powders

500g kilo Eco Packs of 2520, 5744 & no2

   Primers: S & B and CCI

  Accurate: no 2, 5,7 & 9

   Accurate 2230 & 2460 2520, 3100 & 5744 Etc.

   Alliant pistol powders

 Alliant rifle powders

 Vit N100 powders 

   No' 11/10 caps CCI


   Triple 7 ffg & fffg

Loading for Nitro


A good target load for the 160g RNF is 3.5 to 4g grains of bullseye

 or Acc no2 with a standard small pistol primer.

44mag & 44/40

A good target load for both these calibres is the 210g rnf (sized to 429 or 427)

with either 5.7grains of bullseye, 6g of unique

or 5.4g of Acc No2. All with a standard large pistol primer.

45 Long Colt

With the 200g RNF, 5.7grains of bullseye, 6g of unique or

 5.4g Acc no2 with a standard large pistol primer.              

With the 250g RNF 6g of unique and large pistol primer works well. 

7.62 - 303- 30/06 - 7.62/54

The170g RNGC bullet specific to these calibres 16g of 2400 works very well up to 200m. 

For 7.62, again for 200m, 11g of red dot works well. 

For distances 200m to 500m, 28g of reloader 7, 26 to 28g Acc 5744 or 27g of Vit N120.

The 170g gas checked bullet is not designed for sporting/hunting rifles

 as the rifling twist is to sharp and tends to tear the lead bullet to bits and causes it to

tumble but for all standard military firearms it is an excellent bullet.

Many more products carried in stock at very competitive prices.